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September 11, 2001 life changed, since then, the idea of freedom has distorted completely. Surveillance equipment and intelligence operatives are being launched towards ANY direction, same as a lot of legislation that made legal what was illegal before and vice versa: The government, turning people into criminals, one day then the next.

It is a normal standard to be recorded everywhere we go, from convenience stores to corporations, work and of course, the government. More checkpoints, more regulations, less freedom. The internet giants Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, have partnered with the government to track every single transaction. Jails turned the boomer business so any excuse that can send anybody there, is the tendency.

Our private property must be kept as its denomination indicates: Private. So let us help you exercise your rights and obey and respect the constitutional principles.

So let us back up your information, encrypt it and assist you in keeping it safe and private.

Let us design a safe data warehouse or maybe an encrypted hard drive, from recovering lost information to the very essential computing necessities such as tune-up and virus cleansing and many other internet services.

Our philosophy